Simply Spotless windows coming to a home near you!

No, that isn’t a threat of competition, just an old catch phrase I just thought up. We’ve been in business here in the beautiful Pacific NW for the past couple years, during which I’ve gleaned lots of delicious tidbits from this site. Now finally joining up with a great group of superbly skilled spot-seizing specialists to super-size our service.

We (My beautiful wife and I) started up in 2011 with our cleaning services, offering window cleaning, gutter cleaning, and power washing to support our full-time volunteer work. We’ve been gradually building up clientele, but with the upcoming winter (not that we get a REAL winter out West, but still), I’m looking to build up more window routes to create a more predictable income in these upcoming slower months.

Look forward to meeting y’all!


Dude… My nest MAJOR vaca is up the the pacific NW. Americas ONLY rain forest!!! WHOO HOOO
Welcome Aboard!!

Welcome, Micah.