Simpole is the best waterfed pole!

Has anyone tried the Simpole? It is relatively new on the market but can be found by Google. I am somewhat new to the WFP world, but am happy to have a Simpole. It is very easy to setup and use, and it is incredibly versatile. With an extra brush you can easily have two setups, because all of the pieces are interchangeable. My 60ft Gardiner pole is nice for the high stuff, but definitely not an everyday pole. It is easily damaged and not very user friendly. The Simpole is super durable. I bought a used Simpole and you can’t tell the difference from a new one, it is solid, but lighter than other poles.

Wow that was one big long advertisement for Simpole. How much did they pay you to say all that?

WCR sells the Simpole.

Wow! New to WFP, but you started with a 60-footer!

Where did you purchase a used Simpole?

Where did you compare it to a new Simpole?

Lighter than which other poles?

Where are you located?

BTW, do you know John Lee?

WCR will stop carrying the simpole if these ridiculous phony posts continue.

Ha, Ha, Yes, new to WFP, but not new to business or window cleaning. I am honored by your responses to a humble window cleaner. I didn’t start with a 60ft pole, I started with the Simpole and as you know it is a 32ft. pole. Then I ordered the Gardiner. I actually started by obtaining a 60ft high window cleaning contract and then out of necessity researched lifts, rappelling, and WFP’s. I googled and youtubed WFP’s and talked to, etc. Got instructional videos and asked around in my circle of window cleaning buddies and associates. I first saw the Simpole in a youtube instructional video. I found out by more online research that Phil Alexander, its designer, lives less than 100 miles from me, so I called him and asked for help…not bad for a greenhorn huh! Now for all of you naysayers out there, if I had not bought a pole, or other gear, I would have done the smart business practice of hiring a “professional” window cleaning company and taken my contractors cut off of the top. But, I am glad for the help from an industry professional (Alexander). I am now able to do high window cleaning from the ground, more efficiently than I was in the past. I have borrowed other poles such as the tucker pole and honestly like the Simpole better. I thought about getting into WFP years ago and didn’t because of the quality of the products available. Like it or not the Simpole is great! Durable, versatile, user friendly. AND NO I AM NOT BEING PAID FOR MY STATEMENTS, although it is not a bad idea, thanks! Yes, I know that WRC sells the Simpole, why do you think I bothered joining the site…? I figure if they respect good quality tools, and craftsmanship, and I can learn from all of you as well, that’s good business! Yes this is the truth, and not some “ridiculous phony post”.

Well if its truth than I deeply apologize to you. Please understand though when its somebody’s first post on the board and they plug a product right away, it come across poorly.

So I apologize and look forward to your contribution to the group here.

Welcome aboard!

I would not allow any ad posts without checking in with you first. It’s your board, only you should be advertising on it. Besides, you carry most of the suppliers stuff anyway. And I bet you would be able to sell it better then they can being you are more in touch with everyone here. I’m more inclined to take your advice then a 1 or 2 poster.

Is there a difference between an ad and a testimonial, Ray?

Yes the spelling. lol.


I am finding that I like a 10 inch, plastic head, nylon bristle brush with fan jets…anyone have any comments on the brushes? The fan jets boost the pressure if I am running two lines, or just have weak pressure. I tried the wooden head with hog hair bristles and it seems to be moving slower and heavier, especially in this cold snap. The bristles actually froze when I laid it down for the nylon brush. A goose neck seems to be the best for the high stuff…What is that goofy little brush that comes with the Gardiner? Are they for real? Thanks for the reprieve and glad to hang out in window cleaning cyberspace.

. My 60ft Gardiner pole is nice for the high stuff, but definitely not an everyday pole. It is easily damaged and not very user friendly.

I have used my gardiner every day for the past year no problems,
and have my system down on resi,those sections are strong and durable,
once you learn how to use it,it rocks

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I offer to clean all his work for him!