Size Scrubbers, Squeegees. Fixed or Swivel, For Large Glass

The people that doing large store glass trade what size scrubber and squeegee do you use, BY HAND NOT USING A POLE.
Scrubber say 18,22, 24, 26,28,30 inch or more?
Type scrubber T-Bar fixed or swivel.
What sort of sleeve or pad you use.
Squeegee same 18,22,24,26,28,30 inch or more?.
Type squeegee fixed or swivel.
See there some people use 18 inch scrubbers and squeegees.
So the must be PROs and CONS
What do you think is best and why??

When cleaning a job with all large windows we’ll use a 22" applicator and 24" squeegee.

Less passes, most efficient.

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Sorbo 36 with 24 inch mop. Very efficient.

So it seems that the scrubber needs to be little smaller then the squeegee you are using??

Larger t-bars are a pain, in my experience. Harder to control up high on a pole but the biggest issue is the bucket. I stick with an 18” t-bar because it’s easy to leave on the pole and dip in my bucket. I use a 24” or 30” channel for large glass though. I’m in Texas and I have to soak my mop for those large pains. I can’t work out of a 5 gallon bucket and just dip the ends. It eats up more time than the larger washer would save.

Glad you brought that up been experimenting using sprayers onto scrubbers so the scrubber not heavy with water. Check this video shows how the sprayer attached to 18 inch 20inch scrubber. Also Wagtail type flip pads. - YouTube
Will be doing a video using 30, 36 inch flat scrubber T Bar soon.