Skill sets

For those with employees, I assume you have a pay scale for say, Supervisor, lead tech, tech or however you name them. What kind of skill sets or responsibilities must the employee have to move up?

A leader at any level MUST truly buy into the company vision and mission statements.

AFTER that comes important things such as physical capability, technical job knowledge, ability to communicate effectively with all levels within the organizational structure and also outside to customers and suppliers, personal appearance, entrepreneurial thinking, time management, and they don’t kick cats.

Yes, no kicking cats…I usually offer my helper “do you want outside in 102 degrees or inside with the yappy dog”… Do you have a system where a tech, who has almost no responsibility except to dress in uniform and get the windows clean can move up to a supervisor who carries that company vision?

I am a believer in annual reviews, raises (window cleaning should pay well) and strategic paths to promotion. So, for your candidate, provide a SPECIFIC, MEASURABLE, ATTAINABLE, REALISTIC, and TIMELY (S.M.A.R.T) goal for each category that you want to see exemplified up to your leadership standards. Even if they’re good at it, they can grow.

So for example with communication, if they’re great at it you could stretch them by having them call customers you haven’t heard from in a year or walking into a storefront to solicit. Or on the other side of it if they have trouble making eye contact then you address it and put that on the paper.

With time management- if they’re on time and don’t really miss work often then maybe they can start setting up the routes. Or, if they are consistently 3 minutes late then that gets fixed first.

Put it on paper. Sit down with them weekly to discuss progress.

I don’t have employees right now btw, so maybe someone here who does can help you more.

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I would make a terrible employee, lol.

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