Skim coat of epoxy to smooth over 3k CF?

For all the wfp gurus: I was wondering if anyone has attempted to do a skim coat of epoxy over their 3k-wrapped poles, so they have a smoother texture? I know a lot of guys like the texture, but it’s the one thing I’m not crazy about on my Xero.

Is it too rough for you?

Initially, we didn’t like having a rough texture on the poles, but it’s actually helpful when extending the pole. You can throw it up and it will catch better than a smooth pole. The drag let’s us open with one hand, and there’s less risk of it slamming down hard. Better grip as well

Yeah, mostly I miss the smooth action of my previous pole. I could basically “fling” sections up to extend them in one motion. Now it usually takes two arm motions to extend one 6’ section.

Collapsing is a similar thing. I used to let gravity do the work. Now I have to “assist” it a bit in collapsing sections.

It’s an interesting idea but I would be afraid it would mess up the tolerances, making it even more tight - tubing to tubing.

If it’s any consolation, all the Xero poles do that, not just the 3K. Some ppl like it, others, like yourself, don’t.

How would you actually apply it, if you were to do it?

Not sure. Best I’ve come up with is sort of squeegeeing it on with a gloved hand. I think I remember Tory @thorSG1 talking about the process once?

Aa far as tolerances, I can see that. The goal would be to just fill in the valleys a bit, not build up any of the ridges. But I can see how it could all go south rather quickly :smirk:

It would make it a little heavier as well. Have you considered sanding? Sanding would make it ever so lighter (and less rigid)

3k auto sandpaper.

I don’t think I’m going to mess with it. But if I did, I’m thinking the best option would be a very thin coat of epoxy, followed with a light sanding to smooth it all down a bit. Change in weight or rigidity should be negligible.

Use carnauba wax

I would use caution with adding a coating Alex. It could gum the clamps up.

Smooth 3k is typically achieved by sanding. We choose not to do that with the XERO line because it’s been linked to cancer.


After MUCH trial and error, the only section it looks good on and will last is the base section.

Heres why:
even with sanding with low grit to get the epoxy to grip, after working with the pole a few months? It comes right off, not to mention the work it takes to get the epoxy to level out so you have no bumps in it. Royal pain in the neck.

The base section tho, you can get sick with it, add colors even handles if you wanted to. LEDS, first bedazzled pole? lol

All that said, I’m with Chris on the sanding. You can scuff the sections to smooth them out with maybe 800 or 1000. Just take some aluminum sheet and stick the paper to it once you have a lazy U shape (gotta be a flat surface to sand on for what your talking about i think) and you can work your way up to 5000 grit from an auto body shop worth their salt.

You can go overboard and turn it to glass by going to a jeweller supply house and get the grit paste, the secret to mirror polish for metal and stone…

Just gotta be real careful cuz if you remove too much material its gonna weaken the pole for sure.