Skipping Windows Yay or Nay

More of an acknowledgment to you than a sermon. :rofl:


I see 3 windows that get shaved on a regular. It’s not being lazy it’s being smart. You have eyes if it needs it do it.


Just hold the door open while you clean it.

You don’t have to be high and mighty to realize that getting a check for work performed when you didn’t perform it is stealing.

It’s not stealing. You’re getting paid to keep the windows clean. Not clean every single window Everytime regardless if it’s clean or not. If some of the higher ups don’t get dirty every week then you can afford to skip them and get them next week.

Most of mine are on motors. I hit them at peak slow times. Fun Fun.

Some aren’t tho. They’re good for holding doors.

Motion sensors for the win. Go REALLY slow.


I’d probobly be broke if I had to clean every single window I come across.

The only time I skip is when there’s people sitting at the table blocking the window. never had a problem from the managers

It’s interesting to see that we’re about split in our response. I thought there would be a higher percentage of people that skip one here and there than there are.

I’d be curious to see if we could get this poll to 100 voters.

I voted.

Am I going to skip on a resi? No.

On something done 1wk or e/o wk? Perhaps. But not arbitrarily.

Small pane above doors? Squirt and squeegee.

Drivethru windows are done but can easily add 30 minutes to a job if they are hopping, especially if there are two.
Ill stand in the line and assert myself but the crew also has to be cooperative, some part like the Red Sea when they see me, others act like they are the first drive thru Ive ever done… Once, had a girl snap open the windows while I was standing there cleaning the outsides. Fine. If thats how it is, I’ll smell ya later. Take it up with your Regional Head of Operations when he complains the windows are dirty.

Also, if Gertrude and Harold are hauling their walkers on over to their favorite table, newspapers in hand, and plop down before I get there, weeeelp…

I will say that there is such thing as claiming your space in dining rooms.

  • A huck on the line of tables ahead of you,
  • your pole resting across a couple tables,
  • chairs blocking off a section,
  • cheerful chit chat whilst you clean right near someone, or just smiling and asking “Will it trouble you greatly if I clean this window near you?”

Usually works out that all windows can be accessed.


If drive thrus busy I turn around and head out. Get Em next time.

Good thread @IronLionZion

Interesting poll responses…

If I quote the price and the customer is paying the price, I’m cleaning the glass “one way or another.”

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The guy I Iearned from built his entire business on understanding what the customer wanted. He had a ton of business from customers that paid him to keep things looking clean. He made a great living as a solo operator, and he continues to do quite well for himself.

And he could never lose most of those accounts, because most of us would give
Them a price for every window, and that’s not what his customers want. So any other bid would be too high. And we can all say “I charge to do it right,” but who says what is right? The customer. If they are happy, you win.

I have no idea how he built it that way, and I honestly think it’s more work to keep track of what I skipped, but it had worked great for him and his customers since the 90s.

And he is, to put it mildly, one of those long-time window cleaners who is quite comfortable in his 50s. He is legit, but he definitely has his own method.

You should have seen him when we started showing him our advertisements and our WFP and all this stuff. He was like, “Good for you. If I started up now i would fail because I’d never do all of this.”


Great post…

…It just shows that there are many ways to be successful.

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Socialogical is Hi Tech!

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Yeah he’s Hi alright. Lol