Skipping Windows Yay or Nay

Do you always do every single window on commercial jobs or do you skip one here and there if you can?

  • Sometimes Skip
  • Never Skip

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What do you mean skip windows? Do you mean something is blocking your access?

Or do you mean the window looks clean so you don’t do them? That would be horrible. If a customer learned you did not do windows and charged them the full price, that could be considered fraud. They paid you to clean the windows no matter how dirty they are.


Yes blocked access or some small one in an obscure place that you can hit with a dry towel and keep going. I’m talking have you ever skipped a window in your entire career. I’d be willing to wager most of us have at one time or another.

I’ve got a monthly grocery store with tall yet narrow windows in a beer garden. Each window has neons hanging down. To get to the top I have to pole it between the neons and glass. So I’ll pole it only when it gets dirty so as to limit my liability from jostling around neon lights. Otherwise it gets a haircut.

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I have jobs where windows get skipped because of vending machines and what have you blocking them, but they were never part of the initial bid and the customer is in that loop during the quote process. STOP STEALING!


I did sometimes skip only because of some of the same reasons. If there are large amounts of objects (I can think of a restaurant who loves to leave a ton of miscellaneous things under the stairwell with windows to one side- beer kegs, furniture, ets) that require moving I pass on them, especially since no one really looks at the windows. If I’m ever asked, I’d be happy to explain why they were passed. I doubt they’d ever ask though.

I did this pizza store for a while where when I came to quote they were all set up and there was nothing blocking the windows, the next time I came the 20 odd stools were set up blocking 4 very large panes, that time the person who opened up moved them before I got to them. Every other time I came the manager I assume Would not move them I would tell her that I will need to get to those windows, she would not move them but expect me to move them, I would ALWAYS skip those windows as I told her several times that they were not there when I quoted so they would have to not be there for me to clean the windows, I even suggest to on Thursdays to stack the stools on the other side where the counter was so on Fridays, the day that I came the windows would be accessible, never happened, after about 5-6 weeks of me skipping them I guess the owner the guy who contracted me told her she has to move them.

Thinking back on it commercially I probably skipped more inside office building windows than I cleaned, if there was any thing on a window ledge by the time I reached it, too late skipped… I aint standing around while your lazy ass who knows that window cleaners are on your floor to clean the inside windows and your shit is still there and you want your windows cleaned , tough shit, maybe next year you will get off your ass and move your shit before I get there.


i hate when i do and it becomes more stress than just dping it! i give our commercual customers a little digital apparatus that counrs each window cleaned to keep myself in the right

If the window looks clean and is clean, there is nothing wrong with skipping it. You’re getting paid to keep your customers windows cleaned.

I’ve skipped some, but I have found that it’s never really worth it. You might save 5-10 minutes on the job, but is it worth losing a client or having that thought in the back of your head?

At the very least rag off the dust. Also depends on how often you are there.

Don’t get all high and mighty and say it’s stealing - oh please. Stealing? Half the time some $12/hr fast food employee comes and “cleans” the window the next day and makes it worse than had you not cleaned it at all.

Do what you think you should, as it’s your business. If there are negative consequences, then it’s up to you to decide how you want to run your business and if you find that practice acceptable or not.


Lol … ya it’s not like he is saying we are cleaning 20 in a row , An were going this one looks good next. Ok that one we clean , this one we clean …hmmm , That one is good next, now this one ya skip it looks good. Clean those next 3 , but not the next one.
Went into the diner I clean this morning An skipped 2 tables, Becuse therr we’re people there if they leave before i walk through the doors then they get done


My thing is merchandise. I absolutely refuse to move mowers, snow blowers, and grills. That is not my job and yes I’ll charge 100 an hour to do it so ya might as well get it out of my way.

I’ve got 4 hardware stores quarterly. 2 of them I have trained and they move stuff before I get there. The other 2 can’t get it into their thick skulls that I’m not moving a wall of do dads and lawn mowers. Those window will get skipped. If I can’t reach over and clean and they won’t move them I’ll skip them.

I got to talking to the manager from one that moves the merchandise and we both agreed it makes for a better servicing. I like that guy.

:100: %. Are you kidding me. Shave shave shave. Ya today got to go all the way up. Shave shave shave. It’s time :sunglasses: . I have one bagel store it just has to get done all the time looks like shit. Pisses me off !!!

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Shave shave shave @Majestic66? It is Sunday morning and I’m feelin pretty lazy. Lol

Click off. Wag top. Pull away one hand. Wag with the other. Bugs love those lights, poop all above usually.

You touch it - you own it. Those are notoriously hung on chains that might or might not be secure on the hooks in the ceiling or unit.
You break, you buy.


I hear you but as long as it’s communicated to the owner…

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Customer expectations. We hear it all the time. What are they expecting? All depends on communication.


I hear you. Remember, this thread is about occasionally skipping a window or shaving a corner. Obviously, the window is cleaned regularly, looks good so he can trim around it.
LED signs? No one has a problem moving them. Neon is so expensive and easy to damage. Limiting how many times you touch them increases your odds that you won’t break one.

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Plus to add to that the signs are cleaned underneath about every third or fourth time. That minimizes my exposure to breakage. Tbh the majority of the dead bugs are exactly opposite the signs exterior. There has been so much scrubbing this past two weeks due to late May Fly hatch I HAVE to prioritize windows due to staying on my tight schedule. I always have somewhere to be next at certain times so I pick and choose what the highest priority windows are.

In terms of the corporate grocers I deal with, they just want their windows cleaned regularly. They want them maintained. Not every single window in and out. They want me to come in, clean the glass, and leave. Oh and stay out of the way of our foot traffic while you’re at it. Lol. I’ve learned a good deal about commercial window cleaning and commercial customer expectations over the years by doing grocery stores like this. Grocery stores can be good teachers for a young commercial cleaner.

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Being in the way without being in the way. It’s an art.


Preachin to the choir bud