Skreen Out sceen removal tool

Just checking what’s happening.

Just like to see how these are holding up anyone got them just lately??
Nice to see some pictures how they held up?

Here this was in The American Window Cleaner Magazine when first came out.
Check it Out Review.
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You have been reading some of @Phileepoo posts.

Lately the forums feels like not wanting to answer the phone because it’s just someone trying to sell you something you dont need.

Expect not everyone would be interested.

Herman, I love your Skreen Out tool. I would buy more, but I can’t find them anywhere.

exactly, some us and canadian suppliers have just copied it, very sad. a great invention herman.

We have contacted Herman a few times to purchase his original. I don’t think he’s making it anymore so we bought the clone.

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well then…

and thanks for clearing that up.