Skreen Out screen removal tool

The only tool specifically designed to help you remove window screens.
This is not meant to be used as a prying tool.
You simply slip the tool along the side of the screen and then in behind the frame to assist you in popping out the window screen.


It is a great tool. It’s on both our tool belts.

When used as it’s designed for, it work like a dream!

I used it 2 weeks ago. It worked :slight_smile:

It is worth the small cost.

I used it to pry on a screen wheel. I’ll use my bar next time, so that I don’t ruin it. You can tell it was used to pry, so definitely avoid it.


I have been using the skreen out and it works great. But it looks like its been discontinued on several of the sites. Does anyone know where they can still be purchased if at at all?