Skylight help

Any suggestions would be appreciated
. Thanks!

How dirty are they?

If you have a way of catching the drips, I would say a Moerman Excelerator on a wfp. It’ll be a neck breaker pretty much however you do it, but I think the excelerator would be the quickest.

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  1. Step ladder and use a spray foam and huck towels.

  2. Moerman Excelerator on a pole, like Alex suggested.

  3. Unger indoor kit with the green pads.

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How well do you think the green pads will get it. There is a thick cloudy film. But I think it’s just the c02 from people breathing

If you go the pad route, which I have done on some peoples houses, beware of that film. It can gather on the pads rather quickly and streak. I usually have a pad wet with my solution in that situation as it can make my polish pad last longer, but that is a lot of skylights for that method. I would just throw thin plastic paint drop cloths over the areas I would be working, as long as there wasn’t something super valuable in that area, and use the moerman pulled toward you to save your neck a bit.

Use the deep cleaning or Washing pads first then the green pad follow-up with spray way or 50-50 pure water rubbing alcohol on a trad pole or wfp. Call me if you need any of these items 865-310-0728

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I would not recommend using an indoor kit on anything that actually needs " Cleaned " or that has not been cleaned for a long time. We use the Indoor kit on some regularly cleaned route work and it only really is effective for easy maintenance.


Have you seen WASPAK glasses or those glasses rock climbers use? You look straight ahead and the prism bounces the light at an angle so you can see above.