SkyVac for Sale

Selling business and have a SkyVac system for sale:

SkyVac 85 Elite Gutter Vacuum System. 3 stage motor, 40’ of carbon fiber vacuum poles, vacuum hose, attachements, Skypole and Skycam system, additional 50’ power cord and adapter. System runs off of a generator. Generator not included.

Asking $2500. Pickup in central NC.

Still have it. Price dropped to $2000

I can’t believe you still have this. A used generator on Craigslist just to get someone up and running to be able to use the vacuum right away for work would be $100-200. People calling to get work done is up everywhere, especially for gutters as we head into fall, and this unit would pay for itself in a week or two easily at $200-ish per job. If I didn’t have the interceptor already I’d buy it, or if I had an employee/another van to just have that van cleaning gutters only.

Someone should pick this up quick.