Slayer Powder?

When are we going to find out about Mr. Squeegee’s Hard Water Slayer Powder? I just saw that listed under the sponsors. And is that [B]THE[/B] mistersqueegee?

How are you “Platium” ??

I have Larry to thank for that! Although, I think I’ll see if Larry can get me a Kryptonian Squeegee, that would be awesome! :slight_smile:

Alex: Please make this happen.

Larry, you’re awesome! I don’t care what anyone else has to say about you. :smiley:

This week details will be out, and 1 free container will go out every Sunday… It is “the Mr Squeegee”… And It will be a cheaper identical version to the Sorbo powder… Making Sorbo obsolete 1 product at a time!

Hey Chris I think I just found my new signature!

Just tell me that the weird tri-pod bucket holder isn’t on your to-replace list.

That makes two of us.

Hey lets make it three.

Maybe we should start a new thread “Who cares what other people think about Larry?” Maybe we can make it a poll.

Sounds good!

Is this a DE-related product?

I need to do a blog about Larry…

It only makes sense since he’s the Best WCer according to his license plate!:smiley:

Can’t believe you remembered that post!

It is one component. The other components are safer than the alternative powder on the market but work just as well. I anxiously await feedback from other wcers.

Larry also had that as his avatar for a bit, although I’m sure Tony has all of your stuff memorized.:smiley:

Doesn’t everyone?:smiley: