Sliding door repair

Ed’s post reminded me: I want to be able to disasemble sliders and replace rollers.

any idea who can teach me that?

Any idea how to spell diss a symbol?

Not the best article , but it’s a start.

You might check w/ a local lumberyard (not home center). Those guys have alot of experience in the little jobs that no one else wants to do.
Oh and it’s spelled disassemble.:stuck_out_tongue:

It’s actually pretty easy. I’ve done a few. I just sorta started to tear apart a customers sliding screen door one time and figured it out. If I can do it, you surely can. Hardest part (not so hard) is finding the right replacement parts. Sometimes a little lube on the rollers is all that’s needed though.

Here’s where I purchase parts.

And I won’t call you Shirley again.:stuck_out_tongue:

Thanx. I find some things are better left to the better suited.

My suits aren’t better they are just average.:wink: