I just got a very dirty job with alot of big high glass. I want to prescrub this job and I need to upgrade from my XTEL.

For those that have used both: is there a noticable difference between these two poles at under 30 ft. I plan to put a hogshair brush, reach around and shark sleeve on the pole.

If you closed your eyes could you tell the weight difference? Could you see the slightly lesser bend in the SLX at full length in use? Are the components much different in quality; couplings, hose?

For an extra 300 buck or so I would rather get the better tool but is there really much difference?

Thanks again for your feedback, I appreciate the help.

The CL-X at 26ft (reach of 31ft) is only 4lbs and almost twice as stiff as the X-Tel. The SL-X will be even stiffer and lighter because it’s pure carbon fiber and no fiberglass whereas the CL-Xis a composite of fiberglass and carbon fiber and the X-Tel is all fiberglass.
I will have my 26ft CL-X on Monday and can’t wait to retire the X-Tel. I will have the RHG boarshair and Reach Around on it.

I have a 24 foot Xtel carbon fiber/fiberglass hybrid…which is what the CLX is made of. I also have a 56 foot Facelift carbon fiber pole, and I often drop sections as I “move down” the building. So, while I haven’t used the Gardiner products, I have used similiar products at similiar lengths.

The hybrid pole is VERY rigid. Knowing what I know, I wouldn’t feel gipped or lacking if I bought the CLX. In fact, when I get more employees, I’ll buy the CLX and not the SLX, just because of the cost.

As Tony said, the CLX is only 4 pounds. That’s very light.

The CLX and the Xtel Hybrids are nothing alike.

I just got a 30’ Gardiner SLX carbon fiber pole last week. The SLX 30’ pole is a whole world of difference from the Xtel 28’ fiberglass water fed pole I’ve been using for the past three years.

I believe I read somewhere that the CLX is 30% more rigid than the Xtel fiberglass pole. I haven’t tried the CLX but 30 % more rigid than the fiberglass Xtel just didn’t seem substantial enough for me.

I only paid $850.00 for the 30’ SLX. You can have the CLX for a lot less but I think it would be closer to the Xtel fiberglass pole than it would be to the SLX carbon fiber pole in terms of how rigid it is.

If you can swing it, get the SLX! You’ll have no regrets.

I just checked in the WCR store and the CLX is said to be 35% more rigid than the fiberglass pole. Go for the carbon fiber SLX if you can.

Thanks to all for supporting our product lines.

Either way you go you can’t lose here.

I bet Shawn’s right in saying you can’t go wrong with either the CLX or SLX. I’m sure the CLX is a fine pole and well worth the money. I started to go with the CLX but bit the bullet and went all the way with the SLX.

For under 30ft I’d go w/ the CL-X. Anything over that either the SL-X.

Thanks for all the great feedback. I am between the devil and the deep blue sea right now on this one. Say I got the SLX and broke a section I bet it would run me a pretty penny. My business is really taking off well though and I need to figure the wfp out better and put it to use. I am not going to give up on it because although there have been some big downers when the wfp works it really is cool clean and quick.

I will get it by George and get back with the feedback after the purchase. My big job is 100 panes mostly around 4 x 4 ft.

I loves me my Gardiner SL-X 30!

If I want to make my 25 into a 30 do I just buy another section?

I have also thought a lot about CLX, SLX. From what I can deduct, the 26’ CLX works great. I think I’ll start with that because of the price, and then upgrade to a little longer, 35 or 40’ Slx in the future. That way the CLX can be a nice second/backup pole. I like to have a second/backup pole if I have someone else helping me on a job, or when I need some spare parts , or for those less than desireable situations that can take a toll on a pole like sandy or muddy soil, or lots of trees in the way etc.