Small Neighborhood pricing

Okay so thses small houses are popping up all around my neighborhood and I feel I can make some extra cash by cleaning them.

I’m going to end up making a post on the neighborhood FB page, but I need a little help on the pricing.

There are 2 different houses. One is single story and the other is a 2 story.

What would you price for a basic clean ( inside and out).
What would you charge for outside cleaning only.

Thank you in advance for the advice!

North Houston area

In/Out 2 story $190.00 Out $105.00 There appears to be no screens. This would take me 45 minutes to wfp the outside and 1 hr to squeegee the inside. Easy

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1 story in/out $120.00 out $80.00.

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I can get anywhere in my town in 20 minutes or less so my minimums are lower than most.

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WFP if the windows do not need construction debris and silicone removed, otherwise traditional on a first clean like that, and sticker/residue removal. How bad are the windows?

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Lol he asked the price for a basic clean! Lol I think you skipped through his words

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That’s fine. I get that, but the pictures are of new construction and mention new construction popping all over to go after. Seldom does new construction end up being just a “simple clean.”


So they are putting these houses up quicker than quick. Some have residents already and some do not, those would be CCU. I dont necessarily want to go after the CCUs seeing how much of a pain they could be from reading on here. But if they come my way I’m up for the job. How much more would one charge for the CCU?

No none of thses homes come with screens. Most are in the 900sqft range and I’m keeping it traditional with nose to the glass.

I guess you are going off the pictures I am going off of him asking about a basic clean :woman_shrugging:

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Basic clean: 2 story, $150 ext, $130 int. 1 story $65 ext, $65 int.

If you bid for CCU it would be 2 to 4 times normal price. Some stickers are easy to remove and others have sun baked glue residue and other construction residue so it is really hard to generalize about site specific conditions.


Any “post construction” home is going to need “construction clean-up window cleaning”…on homes that small a CCU is not a big deal. Not sure how to do a regular clean on those without doing a CCU first.

I like to go off 1.5x normal price for your first cleaning. My friend uses the method on 800+ residential homes, good idea imo. The first cleaning always takes longer, so time and a half it for outside and inside…then get them on a bi-monthly schedule (“I am only here 6 days a year and your windows are clean all year”) and you are in business. Big on repeat and routine cleanings. Weekly (If you live on the ocean), twice a month (if you live on the ocean), monthly (if you are near other bodies of water)…bi-monthly, quarterly…next thing you know you are doing all those little homes in that small neighborhood. That’s how it works.

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I’d have more luck pulling customer’s teeth than servicing them bi-monthly

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No comment on price but those are cool small houses.

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