Smart Service Pricing

I am hoping that some of you who currently use Smart Service will let me know if this pricing seems right and if there is any other information you can pass along in regards to purchasing/installing Smart Service.

This is the quote I received from them:

-Smart Service Enterprise (2 user license) $2,599
-Unlimited help desk support & software updates $490
-Install software , link up to quickbooks $100
-2qty 1 1/2 webinar style training sessions $149
-Ifleet license $199 for the first and $99 each additional (for the people using this, does each crew utilize this feature?)
-Ifleet software updates $24.99/mo per device
-Data conversion $129/hr(this is a big charge, we were told it will take approximately 10hrs to convert our information from Service CEO. Approx. $1,300)

That works out to $3,565 for the initial purchase (with 1 Ifleet license) then $490/yr for support + $300/yr for each Ifleet device updates
For those of you who run multiple crews, have you seen it advantageous for each crew to be linked up to Ifleet? Also we are a bit apprehensive to begin this conversion now since it is quite busy and do not have enough time to dedicate one person to invest large amounts of time into learning this program. We have considered utilizing their on-site training, but plan to see how difficult/time consuming it is to learn & implement first. Did you find it to be an easy system to install & use? And last question, they will be converting our Service CEO data to their program. We have had a hard time getting specifics on exactly which information will carry over. We are not sure if all customer information and previous service history should be expected to convey or just customer information? Has anyone used their data conversion and what was the outcome?
Thanks for taking the time to read through this and offering any information you think will be helpful.

Buy the $99 WCRA membership (today) and receive the 18% discount on Smart Service?

Did that, thanks.

Hi Chris,
$1300 for a data conversion is reasonable if you have more than the standard fields. If your just pulling in accounts/contacts and locations than that information should already be in your quickbooks and included with the qb sync/setup.

How much customization have you done to CEO? What fields or data sets will the be importing for you outside of what is not stored in quickbooks? Make sure you document the fields you will be expecting to see in your new solution. There are some things you can not report/export out of Service CEO that may surprise you.


Your quote looks to be correct. The only other option is a purchase option of iFleet in lieu of the subscription. The purchase of iFleet eliminates the setup fee per device and the ongoing monthly, or annual, charges. The purchase option rates are $599 per device or we have a 12 Device package for $3999.

On the data conversion, you may contact the Smart Service sales rep and request a time to meet with one of our programmers. The programmer will remote into your PC, checkout your Service CEO data, and then give a firm quote on the data that will be converted and cost of the conversion.

Please let me know if you have any additional questions.

Rick Driskill
My Service Depot
614-985-1278 ext. 1204

Hi Rick,

Does Smart Service work on MAC’s, or just Windows Machines?

I’m assuming no then?

it it is made to work with Quickbooks on windows. I have it.

Kurt, Smart Service is a live QuickBooks Add-On for the PC based versions of QuickBooks.

Hi All,

Implementation fees, and fees for technical support time blocks/training admins or techs are standard, however Fleetmatics WORK does not charge either. Recently bought by Verizon as well. I linked a reps contact that handles inquiries for info below.

[email protected]