Who uses a pda phone or smart phone for business?

I had the xv6800 Windows Mobile pda phone for Verizon. It worked great to start with, but then it started getting sluggish and it got to the point where I had to “reset” it almost 2 or 3 times a day.

I got the Blackberry 8330 Curve for Verizon and I like it so much better. A lot faster, even the internet is faster, although the xv6800 was capable of higher speeds.

I use it for scheduleing estimates and work, keeping up with estimates that I have placed, keeping all my contacts organized. I can check my email on the go or when I’m out of town when I don’t want to carry the laptop. The GPS feature on the phone is really useful with Google Maps.

I would like to use it even more to keep my business organized though. So I’m wondering if anybody else uses one, and how they use it.

I use an old treo palm 650. Does the job, has “george” on it. I could use it as sat-nav but dont. I use it to record phonecalls & write messages down when its on speaker- I’m happy.

Hey Micah

I rock the 8330 Curve as well… Sweet phone… I have it hooked up so my Google mail WCR and ACWC push right to it… Live google calender sync (work calender) Google talk and twitter extension… I use the calculator on it the most… Oh yeah twitter berry extension as well… If you ever click that chat withwcr feature on the site here most of the time it goes right to my phone.

Samsung Blackjack II

Sync my Gmail accounts with it. Also sync the phone to my Outlook for personal planning. I use Goolge Maps, check twitter, make notes to myself with the built in voice recorder, oh and make phone calls.

ive got a palm treo 700wx with windows mobile 5.

I just got a wireless card for my laptop. Although I love my Blackberry It is quite distracting getting e-mails and texts all day, especially since they are not all business related. A regular cell phone may be in my future since I have my laptop with me most of the time. But how can I give up my crackberry??

Ditched the 8830 huh?

Blackberry. Keeps me organized and connected while out on the road all day and away from my desk. Used to have the treo 700p but I like the Blackberry so much better. Just an overall better device.

Yeah I was eligible for an upgrade…

AT&T Tilt.™&q_sku=sku1060009

Traded up from my 8125. 3G internet, Push email, calendar sync, talk & surf or schedule at the same time. All the nice bells & whistles.

The 8125 is for sale if anyone is interested.

Blackberry Pearl here!:wink: Along with a Z9 blue ant :blue tooth ear piece

I guess the calender is my favorite feature of the Blackberry Curve. It is way better then the windows mobile calender in my opinion. I also have bookmarked in the browser, so I can quickly look up any phone number.

I feel like a dork wearing a blue tooth, but yet I still wear it because it’s so much easier. Having to dry off the hands to answer a phone call get’s annoying and really slows me down. Having the bluetooth saves a lot of time and makes it easier. Much safer while driving too. I have the Jawbone.

I have the curve as well, I lost my Bluetooth :frowning:
I have the hard clear cast on mine.

I saw an ad for the Jawbone a while ago. It looked pretty sick. How do you like it?

I like it. It’s by far the best I’ve tried yet. The only problem I have with it is the charger. It takes a strange charger. I had a few bluetooths before that used the same mini usb charger as the phone, which was great. Theres really no way to charge the bluetooth in the truck.

That’s my only complaint. But it’s not that big of a deal, because the battery life is so good. I guess because it’s a little larger then some of these other bluetooths, they packed a bigger battery in. I’d say I can get about 5 to 6 hours of talk time out of it, so for me that’s about 4 days.

Not too many flashing lights on it either, which I like. I don’t like my ear looking like an airport at night.

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I could never get on with them myself. I might use it in the truck - but thats it.