Snow plowing

I am wondering if anyone has added snow plowing as an add on.

Not yet - probably never :smiley:
Saying that we are getting snow on the mountains here - its usually gone after a day or two. But if I did live in a snow area, its something I would definately get into - just for the fun of it.

I’ve done a little snow raking from roofs in the past with established WC’ing customers.

How much do you charge for that?

I try to be in the $50-75 per hour range (and $50 minimum.) Most all who want the service are elderly (like me.)

Larry it’s not pc to say elderly. Try youth challenged.:wink:

They’re ****ing old.

I hate the cold. So I’ll probably never add that on. However, if an existing customer asked if I would, then I probably would [B]for that customer[/B].

Ever since I was a kid I would go out shoveling driveways and walkways. I love playing in the snow and making money doing it. This is what I use now and I am adding a salt spreader this year. I also have a snow blower for walkways.

If it would only snow in DC now…