SO CAL Fires

Hows everyone doing out there? Is there anybody real close? I just found these pictures it looks horrible. Maybe some people will be getting into to power washing to help clean up.

For us that seems to be a top priority “Pressure Washing” with alot of people!

We’ve been slammed with PW’ing work as well as adding window cleaning on top of it for the final touches which goes hand in hand with PW’ing

The fires are so spreadout there all over nothing really close to me but…soot & ash for days,prior to that it was last week the wind storms really messed up houses,webs that were on the homes caught all the dust looks like someone was banging a dirty tennis ball up against just about every house!

Good to know your OK Craig! At least you can look forward to some extra work from it. Hope everyone there is doing well.

Yeah…we’re doing ok,thanks for the concern! As much as i hate cashing in on diaster’s thats exactly what im doing lately!

Phone’s been non-stop with the latest wind & fire storms plus…i have those early birds calling to book prior to Thanksgiving!

Out of curiosity are they mostly repeat customers calling or newbies? I would assume with all the mess to clean up there must be tons of hacks low-balling like crazy?

I have received two emails this week from national service companies specific to SoCal cleanup opportunities.