So its busy season

How is everyone doing so far? As predicted? Better than expected?

We are doing as planned ( work flow wise)

Been kind of waiting to see a thread of this nature started. As i mentioned in another thread cold calls are down this year,as opposed to the past few years,this sluggish economy being the reason for us out here anyway.

The “foreclosure capital” without a doubt! If you have money and want to buy a smokin hot water front pad here in Canyon Lake…this would be the time;)

As for all other aspects of business we’re on target but…do see a pinch with lack of new clientele,especially middle class folks because the extra’s they had before for things like trips,window cleaning etc. are now…going in the gas tanks as well as food on the table…another topic it itself!

The commercial side of things has slacked to some degree, but my business is picking up nicely compared to last year. I’ve really been targeting the high end residential for window cleaning and pressure washing. It’s paying off!

We are about 10 jobs ahead of last year to date in the residential arena. I have 3 commercial routes: the newest one (about a year old) isn’t doing too much. The one closest to my house is taking a small hit and the one I travel the furthest to is booming. I guess it all depends on the locale.

One of the fortunate things about Florida, we can work 7 days a week all year 'round. Our business, especially the janitorial end has picked up because businesses are contracting their “in house” cleaning.

Lots of larger commercial interest, for some reason, this Spring, lately especially.

Staffing frustrations mostly, are putting a damper on my pretty healthy busy season. Clients not always being serviced properly by my inconsistent current staff, but they are working steadily.

Almost all leads becoming clients, thx to the website pre-qualifying interest.

Lots of construction being done by existing clients, so some big jobs postponed…

ive ran into jobs being postponed also due to weather, sever pollen up here and construction. But still manage to stay very busy. this week is slower than it has been because i was not booking as a property management company out of muskoka wanted to have me down there a few days a week to service their largest clients, but once he tried to cut my rates in half! i walked away from it, so back to trying to get my week filled again.

20% of my round/route has gone bust. High end is keeping me in there. Weather has also had disasterous consequences. We had the most rain here for the last month since records began.

Sorry, Karl. Frustrating, I’m sure, all that rain.

Sorry about losing 20% of your route work, too.

This is my best year so far. I’ll soon be entering my 4th year. I hope to stay busy throughout the year but I am concerned about the economy and it’s effect on our business. There’s a lot of glass out there though, and most of it is dirty.

We could really use some of that rain down here…since y’all have enough, send some to us…

I have had the busiest spring so far, in 6 years. It was also the slowest April I had in 6 years :eek:… figure that out. Winter was down right horrifying.

My referrals have skyrocketed, but ppc (google, yahoo) is down. I have booked 80% of my clients for their spring cleaning (good sign). Fliers have been good…

I am preparing now for a very rough winter. I will not be caught with my britches down again…

As of May, we’re up 3.6% over last year in revenue, but profit was down -9% because of escalating costs overall. My business plan is this: I thank God for providing me work and accept whatever he sends, little or a lot.

The very fact that you are tracking and are aware of this is amazing. Most would not be able to cough up this information. Good stuff Steve.