Soap Mix for Vinyl Siding

What kind of soap mixture does everyone use for House Washing? I use a high powered degreaser and mix it with chlorine. For gutters I use gutter zap.

Why do you use degreaser?
Are your houses greasy?

12.5% and Dawn lately because I ran out of Simple Cherry. Degreaser is not in my house wash because there is no need for degreaser.

Yeah but the commercial says " Dawn takes grease out of your way!"

12.5% and Mr Clean Lemon. Mainly to help with the smell.

what is the 12.5% ?

I use 12.5% sodium hyperchlorite (commonly known as industrial strength bleach) mixed with Simple
Cherry and water. A final squirt of Dawn for a little extra cling and also makes the soap a little more visible on the surfaces being cleaned. That seems to help avoid over-soaping a surface and wasting too much of it.

Also known as “Pool Shock”

I use the Dawn to help get the 12.5% to stick to the house.

I like bleach and Simple Cherry.
If I’m out of Simple Cherry then I will use Dawn (the old kind- non Ultra) or liquid laundry detergent but it doesn’t come close to SC.

Where do you guys purchase Simple Cherry? and what is the mixture ratio when mixing it with bleach or Chlorine?

I was on the upper balconie not paying attention to the run off that eventually sun dried and streaked the paint. Has anyone heard not touse bleach with benjamin moore paint.


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In a five gallon bucket I usually mix 2.5 to 3 gallons of 12.5 sodium hyperchlorite along with 16 oz of Simple Cherry (pre-mixed with water) then top off the bucket with water and a shot of Dawn for added cling.

Thanks for all of the great info… Greatly appreciated!

Superiorpwc was asking where to get Simle Cherry and I was trying to copy and paste a link to pressuretek but it would not let me.

You mean like this - Simple Cherry is a multi-surface cleaning product that is safe, effective and simple to use! Simple Cherry is sold in 10 lbs packages. - CHEMICALS HOUSE WASH / GUTTER / WOOD CARE / MULTI-PURPOSE

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