Forgive me if a soap thread already exists, but Im new to the forum. But I would just like to hear some of your guys preferences, and also does anyone know if certain additives to your solution can somehow break down your soap? Im a gg3 user, and noticed a few additional benefits from adding a small amount of vinegar to my solution. However, after the solution sits for a little while(in the bucket/jug), it seems to lose some of its glide, and its wetting properties.:frowning:
Any ideas?

We use a product called “Wonder Suds” you can get it at janitorial supply houses.

What is the mix ratio?

I dont know the specific ratio. i guess every one has there preference with how much suds they like. i prefer just a little bit.

will definitely give it a go.:wink:

Chris, wondersuds…is it a soap or an additive?

also lately ive been using ivory liquid dish detergent, and i love it, nice glide, lower suds than dawn, over all a good soap. As for designer soaps i presonally prefer Easy Glide and Squeegee off. my 2 cents.

Hey Eric

Its just a plain industrial soap.

But are you using it as your soap or as an additive?

What benefits have you found?

Just as a soap.

Thanks! What do you like about it over a GG3/4? dish soap?

The Price. I get 55 gallons of it for around $300.

Unger’s Easy Glide rocks…

plus it has a nice fresh scent. I have had customers notice the difference.

“ooh… what’s that smell? It smells really good.”

Well, first it seems to eliminate or reduce minor streaking caused by a slightly worn rubber, extending its useful life a little bit. It also seems to accentuate the basic features of gg3, such as further reducing suds(I mix mine a little stronger than recommended), and further cutting down on the visibility of any minor water spots left behind, making it a very forgiving mix if youre having a sloppy day(we all have them):wink:

I like Unger Easy Glides smell too. However, as a soap, it sucks for really dirtywindows. So…I keep going back to Dawn.

I have found out that different rubbers glide better with different soaps.

Pullex works awesome with dawn but not too good with Ivory.

so, now i wear Old Spice Cologne and use Dawn.
I put the dawn on my mop. One side only…

I like a lot of suds…and have no issue doing too much detail work as claimed by the designer soaps…designers.

I started wearing Fuel for Life when I am doing interiors. I don’t know about Old Spice but I guess you do work with the geriatric crowd.:smiley:

Lately I have just been working the Dr.s wives. So I have to smell sexy. I am still waiting for my desperate housewife experience. :rolleyes:

I really do not wear this scent…it is just what Easy Glide reminds me of.

I prefer to smell like a hamburger. Dogs love me. :slight_smile:

The experience you write about above, is a pizza delivery guy thing…too. I know.

But it was decades ago when Dominos still promised 30 minutes or free.

Now it only takes two…:D:D

I liked unger easy glide at first. Started to really bother me with the smell. Smell was alot like cheap aftershave. I use palmolive antibacterial. Great glide, minimal suds, gets the dirt off.