SOCHI 2014 Who's Watching?

Got it on now. My wife’s watching it more than I am now.

So far I’ve only been able to watch the [I]‘Speed Skating’[/I] which I thought was pretty cool :cool:

Can’t wait for the hockey to start tomorrow…

Wish I was as good at marketing my business as Shaun White is at marketing himself. Yes he’s talented half pipe guy, but it is more amazing how he went from a the “Flying Tomato” as a kid to a pioneer of the snowboarding business. Everyone wants in on what he does because he knows how to sell his sport.

Been watching some. Watched the opening ceremonies. Excited to watch the bobsled as my wife’s uncle is the coach for the Jamaican team.

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Yup, been enjoying the games this week.

Been staying up way too late, and getting up way to early.

  • but that’s what winter’s are for, right?

I really like the womens hockey.
But there is a terrible Bias against the north Americans.

Canada v Finland, I watched a girl get beat down by 4 opponents, like the Hanson Brothers.
The result? Offsetting penalties.

When the Canada coach asked what the penalty was for, you guessed it… 2 more minutes for delay of game.

Come ooooon!:rolleyes:

sochi is more like SooCheap,

actually the venues are some of the most expensive ever built

50 Billion bucks ain’t chumpchange…

True… Another waste of billions by a nation that really cant afford it. And it has been shown that hardly EVER does the country make a profit from the games… (but the Olympic committee makes out VERRRRY WELL…)
but looking at the food, the toilets, the dorms, the crappy snow… just reminds me of cheap no matter how much it cost…

I can’t believe what I just watched…

I feel sick to my stomach. :frowning:

The women’s hockey? Watched it, too.

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When that ‘empty netter’ hit the damn post?!? Oooh my gosh!
[B]That[/B] was the exact moment things just fell apart.

I’m just bummed. :frowning:

Hmmm…feel fine over here. :eek:

Cant believe it . One Inch from gold they have to be crushed.

Hopefully, the men’s team can get some payback, tomorrow…

That would be great!! I so want to take off tomorrow, an watch, But i’m so behind my work thanks to this weather. Suppose to pour all day tomorrow if so I could get done by lunch time might have to hit the closest eatery with TV for this one.

I’ll let you know how it went. I’m still under house arrest.

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