Social media marketing

I wanted to ask has social media marketing been working for your company the reason I ask this is because I really don’t here much on the topic or in this forum I have a web sight coming out soon with the social plug in through word press then it will go to my face book twitter. I have been posting on my FB page a lot of pictures. I have about 30 people to like my page Im thinking how to get more people. One way is getting our community of window cleaners to like each other pages will benefit all of us also will reach out to more people go to link on bottom if interested

Hey Jason,
I don’t use my FB page they way I should, if I did I may get more, but what I do is post on our local sales page. We have a page called “shoals sale barn” that anybody that has anything for sale can post for free. They also allow me to post a ad on it. It has been up for 2 years now and has over 23,000 likes, so when I post I am reaching alot more. If you don’t have something like that in your area, you can create the page and see how it takes off giving you more to reach when you post.

Is it like craigslist I will look it up thanks for the info

No, craigslist is organized…this is just random postings on the facebook page. and its design for my local area, so you would have to find one in your area, or create a new facebook page to allow people to start posting and encurage them to add their friends.

Jason - I have figured out a pretty cool way to get my existing and new customers to like my fan page. But I’m not willing to share it with the public. Join WCRA and I’ll give you my blue print. You should consider joining anyways - you’ll get information that will put you way ahead of your competition. They have templates for everything from Direct mail to door hangers and a bunch of business forms from Employee handouts to Bid proposal packages.

I personally don’t think friends are as valuable as Fans. Also local people are the desirable fans, unless you plan on driving out of state to clean windows.

I have already thought about joining the WCRA I will in couple of months my money is tight as being a newbie thanks for the offer

Your prices are really bad. Just saying.

That why I haven’t become a member yet LOL


Whether you’re going to spend the money on social media Ads / marketing or not, setting up your social media accounts for your business is now crucial for SEO purposes & ranking in Google/Yahoo/Bing etc… Set them up regardless & make sure your business information is consistent with your Google+ business profile. Good luck!

Hmmmm…INfo PM me Justin.

I don’t have any secrets, but I do get clients off Facebook from time to time. Usually nothing big just a casual residential job here and there. Like me and I will like you back! HERE: Window Cleaning Phoenix

I think the key is to just posting regularly. And offering discounts helps too!

That is absolutely correct. But don’t offer many discounts. I try not to post prices. Social media friends will literally talk about you and your company or recommend your company to others when they hear about a service needed from a person they know in person or see on social media. But they do have to like you.
Constant contact or posting is the key. Typed content goes further than pictures. And typed content with links to a pic go further than typed content. I don’t ask friends not like my fan page. If they like it they will. Try to gain likes from real people rather liking ladders, cause if you are in to the page for the likes then your words may reach ppl not relevant to your business or consumers who may want to buy. Meaning get likes that matter. Locals.

This wasn’t as big as I thought it would be. I gathered several hundred local fans using this trick, but haven’t got many new customers thru Facebook. My trick was to give 5% discount to new and repeat customers to join our fan page. I had the page customized to print out coupon they could redeem the 5% at time of service. Big flop far as gaining new customers. Gaining fans however it worked.

Thanks for the info Justin.


Trying my hand at FB marketing for Halloween, decided to try “pre-qualifying” for prices in the ad body itself… Figured Halloween was the right time of year to try and “scare” lowball clickers. Also I’m hoping that by being public with my pricing - it’ll kinda help set the bar.

ive had facebook marketing on the brain. Id love to hear how this works out. Social media is definitely on the top of our testing list for resi marketing in 2014.

i’ve been running an ad for the last month. it’s focused on impressions, not likes. i’ve got a $2/day budget and i dialed it in based on demographics for my target market. so far i’ve had 24 clicks on around 15000 impressions. not good, but it was recommended to me by a marketing pro as a cheap way to build brand awareness in my market. i’m not sure i’m getting anything out of it though. no calls

i’m with you dave, this winter i’m really going to try to learn how to get more out of it.

As with anything I ask myself have I ever clicked this or called this type of ad… Facebook isn’t used as Buying platform yet maybe in the future. Studies show little as to people using facebook for purchases. The real key is to geyy clients to share your page that makes things happen.