Soft House Washing.....I need a dummies guide please

Hello all, I would really like offer soft house washing…but how do i do it…i am going to list my questions below please help me with anything you can answer.

  • What set up do you need to soft wash?

  • I am a 100% ECO FRIENDLY company…what chemical can i use that is safe yet effective and can guarantee the safety of the plants.

  • How do i apply that chemical up to 40’ from the ground?

Please help me out here, like i said in the title…“dummies guide”

go here and search for soft washing. you can read for days. it’s a pretty simple process. i recommend c alling bob at he’ll set you up with the equipment you need and answer your questions too. he’s very friendly.


What Caleb said…

Over int he webinar area - Webinars - Business Development

There is a roof cleaning one that I believe covers soft washing techniques as well…

Were are the forums that he kept mentioning?

Hmm I haven’t watched it in a while, do you remember the name or abbreviation?

in the soft wash video he kept mentioning that there would be ratios for the amount of solution needed for houses as well as nozzle sizes depending on what pressure washer you have. Not sure were to look for them.

If you do an individual post here with that question. It couldn’t also hurt to make that post here: Pressure Washing Resource

You will likely get an answer quickly.