Soft wash roofs

Hey huys. I need some seriouse advise. Ive been looking into buying WATER PUMP FOR SOFT WASHING HOMES AND ROOFS. should i buy two one for each. Ive also researched all types and have read alot of problems with some well known manufactures who have many issues with thier pumps. what im trying to say is, what would be a good water pump and were could i get one. PLEASE LET ME KNOW>
Thanks James

If you were in Seattle, then Seattle Pump can and does make the set-ups. Some of them come with a tank and others are more mobile if you buy 55gal drum. I know that JC (member) has set-ups for sale. Locally with Seattle pump they were pretty knowledgeable about building different units…simple pump on skid w/hose and you by the tank…or bigger skid with tank, pump, hose and a nozzle of some sort, all made to take some chemical abuse that the chems will put on them. Maybe they have an affiliate in CA?

We use a fat boy bandit for roof cleaning. For house washing we use our pressure washer with special tips to knock down the pressure. My advice call Bob at Pressure Tek he will help you out.

Yep… What he said.

We love the FloJet Pentaflex. 7 gpm, internal bypass and 60 foot stream.

I’m a fat boy too

Call Bob… He won’t steer you wrong.

Yep we have been very happy with Bob… He really knows his stuff. He was happy to trouble shoot us a few times while our guys were on site with a minor problem. ( problem was our fault )

We picked up a fatboy as well. Its made us so much money I wish we got into the roof washing sooner.