Solar panel cleaning insurance

I cleaned my first set of solar panels this week. It was a very nice $150 add on that only took me an hour with my wfp.

I’m very diligent about calling my insurance agent when I add on a service that isn’t specifically covered in my policy. Up to now, the response has always been “Thanks for letting us know. We can cover it and add it to your policy notes. No change in premium.”.

So while I’m cleaning this array, I use my handy dandy bluetooth to call my agent. I left a voice mail and got a call from her subordinate about an hour later. She said my agent was out of town, and the underwriter said that American Family has no type of insurance whatsoever for solar panels, be it cleaning, installation, maintenance, or whatever. The underwriter further stated that I’d be covered for the work I was doing that day, but I would not be covered for any solar panel cleaning in the future, and it could not be added on with American Family.

I’m not convinced that American Family won’t cover me. My agent is fantastic at research and problem solving, and I’m hoping she can find something in my favor upon her return next week. I know I’ve had her subordinates tell me something and then later she’ll call me back personally to tell me “Don’t worry. That information was not correct. Everything is ok.”.

But, in the meantime, I’m wondering if any of you have had this issue. If so, who did you find that will insure solar panel cleaning?

my agent is with american family also. hes constantly telling me im covered for anything i do in my business. i always send a follow up letter explaing what were adding on so ive got a record of it for my files. I(m paying $500 for a million liability and so on. any one else have any numbers on what their paying

That’s what I’m paying, Doc. Comes out to $42/month.

yeah… walking on a roof to skylights or over dormers would seem like more of a liability than solars… its not like we walk on em… basic liabil. should cover it.