Solar Panel Cleaning with WFP

Take a look at my video of me cleaning solar panels with a WFP.


Randy Mills
Pioneer Services:cool:

Here is another one. YouTube - video-2010-05-05-10-11-00

Does anyone else clean solar panels?:cool:

I am trying to get into it but honestly dont know what would be good selling tips other than it would help preserve and increase thier performance.

Yes is very important to keep clean for performance.

Just do a goog search for “google clean solar panel increase output” u will see that on they’re blog they state an increase of 50 percent output overnight on they’re flat carport solar panels. Granted they aren’t angled the water, dust, pollen, salt from ocean still creates a reidue. On the panels. Just take a paper towel up to a solar panel, wet it down and show them how much buildup is on there. The towel ends up looking like a black hand print.

can you use a squeegee on solar panels? can you scrape them? i have a customer tomorrow with a bunch of solar panels on her roof, what do you charge for this service?

Cool video Randy!

Think of them as oversized skylights.

unbelievable timing. not many solar panels here in the midwest, but literally, yesterday morning a friend and business owner calls me and says, i’m going to be building a “solar farm” and the panels need to be cleaned, will you clean them for me?

thanks for the video.

Just sold my 3rd quarterly Solar Panel Cleaning job. What’s amazing is I didn’t even ask to do them quarterly. The customer requested it.


Say do you use DI water or straight water ? I would think straight water should work just fine…What do you think ?


Wouldn’t one risk spotting and future HW staining?

I see solar fields set up with integrated water purification systems spraying panels.

they do make a solar panel cleaning chem. It’s made by Winsol. I seen a whole kit that you can by. I was thinkin of getting it, but I guess the WFP will do the job.

I use DI only on most panels. I have added Titan Green and even Titan Solar Panel Cleaner and it does not make much difference. Solar panels are just like skylights. They only stay perfectly clean for a few days after cleaning so making them absolutely perfect is not critical. What I am speaking of is the small bird spots that are really baked on…

First selling point to mention to home owner …

What are people charging?