Solution for replacing the warning paint on the bottom of wfp sections

You know the ones - the red or white markings to alert you you’re about to pull your wfp into two parts.

The warning paint wears off - I don’t really want to gunk up the interior pole sections with some paint that will wear right off - does anybody have a suggestion to offer?

What type of paint is used by the water fed pole manufacturers anyway?

Wagga probably knows the answer but my broadband is too weak to go through his videos.

I’ll be needing to know as well, but I figure some ordinary paint shall work.

Let me know if I’m wrong but I reckon house paint dries too thick and spray paint flakes off.

We need to kidnap Chris or Alex for waterboarding until they spill the secrets of the water fed pole trade, I’ll meet you out back in 10.

I broke somebody else’s pole clamp the other day - consequentially having to order a replacement so it is a nuisance to have the warning markings worn off.

The suspicion is it be specialty spray paint for boats with abrasion resistance.

Maybe some epoxy paint? Creating a surface to bond may be the issue with carbon fiber as you don’t want to go to deep and hit the CF layers.

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Don’t know. I emailed four firms that specialize in marine coatings and water or abrasion resistant coatings. One of them may recognize the context and I’ll update this topic.

The domain knowledge on topics like this can be surprisingly obscure. The information age is… a con.

I figured this one out. The answer is 3M vinyl tape.