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ok squeegee clips 1 or 2. now i have read other posts on hear on that topic i just want to get a refresh on that. on what you guys think now. 1 clip 2 clip. on which size… now can you guys price this window for me. its my window at my house. the window is about 5by5 wide and 7feet tall. pretty dirty about 10 years of none cleaning. its like 10 12 feet off the ground. price it for in and out cleaning. my price was about 20-30 dollars i don’t know if that’s to much to little

Just get some gear and try it out. See what you like.

Is that just a window, or are those cut ups? If it’s just a window, I can wagga that for $5-10 depending on size and overall ticket. If it’s cut up then I’d probably be 30-40 depending on condition. I hate cut ups so I’m going to get paid to do them.

Inside/outside cleaning if it is true cut-ups @.75 per pane = $51.00. Removable separators then $15-$18 inside/outside depending on difficulty of ladder placement. If that were the only window I would be called out to do the price would get enhanced a tad for my drive time and labor.

sorry for less detail on the window. its not cut ups its just a big window those cut ups are inside the window. ladder on it would be a hassle, pole work am(am no pro yet)guessing would be better just by looking at it in person. so $20 should be good? and would any of you fabricate a big winder like that

I would charge $35 in/out for this window.

I would use a step ladder, little giant, to do the actually cleaning since you have said it’s never been cleaned before.

If that were a grid that you could removed on the interior I would charge $45ish to clean the glass and remove then reinstall the grid.

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$30-40 , in n out

I would get my 10 ft A frame and 4 ft pole and get it done quick

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no you cant remove the grid. the window is a glass grid glass style type window, the grid is inside. hear is another pic

Oh! The grid is in between two panes of glass? Big difference if that is so.

Window isn’t that big. I would be around $20-$25 in and out.

As for squeegee clips I use 2 clips on my 18" and 14" and 1 for my 6"

Hope this helps.

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ok another question is hard water stain removal. i am thinking about just getting bio clean unless you guys have something else. and does anyone have a good step by step proses for hard water removal

One Restore, check out this vid


would a scarper blade remove hard water stains?


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1 clip for me. 2 clips if you like to keep stretching out & trimming down your rubber. I just toss the rubber when it’s starts to wear at the ends…$3 a day habit - almost as bad as a Starbucks habit except you can make $300 from that $3 investment :slight_smile:

water… what water do you guys use in your buckets for regular window cleaning not water fed… regular tap water,distilled??

Use tap water, don’t complicate things.

Water is water

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am going to list some window sizes and if it needs a in and out wash with other details on it and can you guys name the price. i just want to get a ruff idea. and these window are just random sizes. am just going to make a random list.
window size length x height
wash in and out everything including the panes-i/o
glass only wash-g/o for inside and out
dirtiness severity:1-10 1=basic dirtiness 10=really dirty(but no hard water stains to where i have to use special stuff to get it off) this is for both glass and panes
i guess you can call this my abbreviation chart. ok now the windows

1.6x6 i/o 5
2.3x4 g/o 7
3.10x10 i/o 6 (i know thats big)
4.3x7 e 6
5.3x7 i 2
6.5x8 i/o 3
7.2x6 g/o 5
8.4x6 i/o 8
9.5x5 g/o 3
10.3x6 i/o 4

you dont have to rate all its your choice and i now there is other factors included but this is just a random chart. going into more specific chart with take time to think and make. so thanks for the previous questions answered and thanks in advance.

Wow ! Those are some questions . It’s going to be kinda hard to answer this one . What I would do is , clean my own windows and time myself and take notes how long it takes. Then determine what you want to make an hour . For instance , let’s say you want to make $50hr and you charge $10 for a double hung on the first floor. Then you know you need to clean 5 of them inside and out . Or if it takes you 15 min each one , then You know you need to charge $12.50 for each . Hope this helps

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yea i know wow. i did clean my own winders and i did price them. but i just did that chart for the fun of it and kind of to get a idea of prices out there.

That’s your version of fun? Sheesh. I’ve worked with engineers with less ocd.

Keep it simple or else it’ll take you an hour to estimate a house.

One piece of glass residential: $4-6 each i/o. (ie DH would be $8-12)
One piece of glass commercial: $1.5-3 each i/o.

One piece of glass second story: add $2 each.
One piece of glass third story: add $2 + $1 (assuming you either have the ladder or the wfp to do the work)

The price depends on your market and your service offering.

As a new cleaner, $4 per piece on residential, you should clock in at about 50-60 per hour. On commercial, you’ll probably be at $30.

As you grow your business and your customer base, you can start to ask premium prices if you’re a premium cleaner.

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