Something FREE

Here’s some free things I thought some people might enjoy.

It’s 411 but free. They have like one 15sec commercial and that’s it. No more 75cents for every call…totally free.

I use this when I don’t want to talk to someone, but want to leave a message. Example. telling the wife you’re going somewhere and don’t her saying no, so leave a message, “honey I called you, did you get my message” :slight_smile:

I’m sure you can use it for other things…like the in-laws or an annoying friend. It’s 100% free!!!

1-267-759-3425 SlyDial.

I like free. Does anyone have any other FREE services???

Sometimes its useful, sometimes its crap, also free games at the weekends, not great games but they last as long as my kids attention spans

Matt, that’s a really good one.