Sorbo Rubber

Is there a sorbo rubber shortage ? What’s a good alternative?

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Yea it’s been basically not available for the past year. This is the best current replacement option BlackDiamond Flat Top Squeegee Rubber | Window Cleaning | WCR –

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Ya this sux man.

I bought the ettorre Soren. Good rubbers , but pricey. Guess I have to try the black diamond

Yea, the BlackDiamond Flat Top soft is what you would want to look at.

BlackDiamond is also coming out with a new product before spring called: Super Soft

That will be the closest match to the current softness of Sorbo Rubber.


I was looking at the Soren , but we run 16 and 20 inch . Soren runs 18 and 22 , so I guess I’ll try the black diamond

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I’m gonna keep an eye out for it , I don’t understand why sorbo still selling blades but not have rubber available

They have to keep the business going. I’m guessing they assume you might still have some or you will use the Ettore or BlackDiamond type that fits.

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