Sorbo/Wagtail Combi

I just made a cool discovery! Check out the photos I have attached. I put some velcro on the bottom of my 18" Sorbo channel, and then put a wagtail whirlwind pad over the top of the squeegee. Now I can wet the window, and then flip back the pad and squeegee the window. This is going to save some serious time when I have to use a pole on storefronts. I won’t have to switch back and forth between tools. Also, if I use the “7” technique when poling, I wont need to detail afterwards… just remove water from sill and go to next one. I timed myself today, and it took about 20-30 seconds per window pane on the exterior with a pole.

You can also use it at ground level by wetting, flipping and fanning. But I may be just as fast with a scrubber in left hand and squeegee in right.

Now, I’m going to do the same thing with my 24" Sorbo. I have discovered that you can buy 24" whirlwind pads.

Such an easy but great time-saving tool!


Thats cool… Check this thing out

Nice. Welcome to Herman Town. He did it with regular channels. I need to get off my duff and build me a couple.

What is that? Looks weird.

That is the Scooter. Made by @Gary_Mauer years ago… Maybe 20 or more? It’s a pretty neat concept, I liked it and have been hanging onto it with my other collectible window cleaning stuff.

So how are you liking you modified Sorbo?

I liked it a lot, but eventually, the velcro came off of the squeegee
channel by getting wet over and over. If I could find some waterproof
velcro, I would fix it again.

Thanks for the update.

How long did it last?

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Probably 4-8 weeks. If you can find waterproof velcro, I would urge you to
give it a try. For big storefront windows that are up high, it is a

Thanks for the feedback.

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go to hermans you tube channel he has attachment systems that don’t fall off.


Like screws?

Clips…Herman got a lot good modification. Check out his you tube channel.

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there are many that have mods but imho herman is the king (and queen… the whole royal family) of window cleaning mods


After my velcro peeled off the Sorbo channel, I was looking around and discovered the plastic tabs that came with my original wagtail channel that have velcro on them. With a little effort, I was able to get the plastic pieces to fit over my Sorbo channel. Now, I’m back in business. I hope the plastic doesn’t crack or split, because I love this tool! The only problem is finding a great way to attach the whirlwind pad to it.

Thats geat man…now get out there and clean some glass! :slight_smile: