Sorbo window cleaning powder

Anyone ever try the Sorbo window cleaning powder? I have never tried it, but was curious if it works as advertised

Its ok it will work on light stains. If you take a look here -

There are a few things in the same shaped container. All basically the same contents.

Hey Chris. This is Chad Provost. Thanks for the response. I know he makes a stain remover. I was asking about the Sorbo window cleaning soap. I think it comes in a powder form. Sorbo also has a squeegee glide that he developed. I have never heard of anyone using either one. I was just curious to see how well his window cleaning solutions work.

Please let me know if you have heard of anyone using either one with good results.
Thanks man!

Sorbo makes some good products.

The glide works well.
The Powder is ok …
it been a long time since i used it. Im not sure if they updated the product lately.
Hope that helps!

Thanks for taking the time to answer my question. I will stick to what I have been using.

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I’ve used it for 20 years in conjunction with a 3M pad, love it.

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Hey Ryan. You use the Sorbo window cleaning soap and Sorbo glide to clean windows? What do you use the 3M pad for?

Thanks for the advice!

@windowsrx Hey Chad! I dont know that was you :slightly_smiling:

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The glide is nice, doesn’t over bleed. Powder didn’t impress me.

Thanks Ryan!

I tried accessing my old acct when you guys moved to the new forum layout. I had trouble with it, so I just created a new account. I am no longer a WCRA member, so maybe that is why. I have no idea.

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Thanks for the feedback!