Sorry, I'm going to respectfully decline

Last week the office manager of prominent real estate broker asked me for an itemized estimate to clean individual sections of their office building that has multiple tenants. Basically she wants her corner of the building done as needed and probably the others once a year. The kicker is, I gave them an estimate 2 years ago on the front only and I’m almost 99% sure they contracted with someone out of state. After I told the office manger about the bid, she said they have had multiple different people clean them and I know there is only one other cleaner in town that is capable of doing them. After looking over them pretty carefully, it is apparent that window cleaning is not a priority, the back of the building is neglected and I could tell someone had cleaned the interior partitions with a rag. Anyone who has been in the window cleaning business as long as I have, know the track record of realtors. After a few days I got to thinking, it is unlikely I will develop a long term relationship with these people and I should not waste my time on a formal estimate.

What’s your experience?


Get rid of the penny pinchers, they don’t value window cleaning. Send him a can of spray way.

Often these kinds come around, sometimes even many years later, and realize that all that price shopping didn’t reflect actual quality ends results… That’s when they force themselves to pay for it.

I’ve had property managers call me again for the same properties 5 years later after canceling our services for cheaper companies… Automatically that puts them on the “25% or more increase list”. Don’t waste your time and sink to their level. If they don’t come around then you can focus on those that are worth it. If they do then you come into your money.


Have a minimum that you stick to in order to make your rounds. If that works for both them and you, good - if not, next.