Sorta interesting

As I perused around today and checked out some of my competitors, I came across this for my LOCAL Fish window cleaning office.

Notice anything weird?

oh wait… lol

this is my favorite-

““S.P.E.E.D - These 5 words sum it up for me - Speedy - Polite - Efficient - Economical & Dependable” - Grand Rapids, MI”

now who says that…

I found it weird that almost every testimonial is about reliability and showing up when they are supposed to. Not all that much mention of quality or workmanship.

I wouldn’t put this either: [I]“They have always been here and have done a good job. The one time I was dissatisfied he came back and corrected the situation within 30 minutes of me calling. They do a good job.” -[/I]

I don’t think you should really ever point out that there may be a problem

Well, the thing is that these all sound phony. Where are the names? I have MANY testimonials and nobody writes like these “customers” do.

Look how many say the same thing, just phrased differently. They screwed up by having the same guy/gal write all of them with no idea of what customers really say. (allegedly)

It is also illegal to falsify testimonials. I would be curious to see if they could present actual names if asked.

Either way, very sloppy for such a big company…

They are just shooting themselves in the foot. No reasonable person is going to take the testimonials seriously because the customers have:

  • No Name - Not even a first name like some testimonials presented by other companies
  • No specific location of the store
  • All the quotes are from other states - I didn’t see one from Minnesota - how are customers to believe that this franchise owner is good - the quotes are talking about other franchises in other states?

I think for one to have a good testimonial, they need to include if possible both the first and last name - their position - and what and where their store is. If it is a resident perhaps they need to be more sensitive about releasing a lot of details about the person, but they should be as specific as possible. When I hear vague testimonials, immediately my mind turns off, and I don’t trust the message. I’m sure that’s how potential clients of Fish would feel.

The joke about this franchise is the cost of the investment package!

I dont know who has less of a clue… the person who put out that type of money to buy into the franchise or the customers who hire these guys.

The testimonials are unbelievable, if I am looking to validate the service of a company I would like it to be from work they actually performed not from another individual with the same company name in another state, unless they plan to jump on a plane to clean my windows:confused: