Spam from wagtail?

Did anyone else get spam from wagtail? gee I wonder how they got my email since i never bought anything from them.

A newsletter? I’ve been getting them regularly.

Is that the only way to obtain email addresses?

I also get the newsletter.

Yeah it’s their newsletter. But I never signed up for it. And no that is not the only way for them to get emails. They either have a buy a targeted list or steal it.

Or scrape it from sites like wcr… thats the most likely

To be technical:

If someone visits your web site where you list your email address or a link to it and they send you an e-mail, they have neither bought a list or stolen your e-mail address.

Still, unwanted e-mail is quite annoying. Is there an ‘unsubscribe’ link in this newsletter?

I don’t believe Ray stated that the email is unwanted, Mark. :smiley:

BTW, what new tools have you been working with?

I’ve been extremely busy this last spring and summer and haven’t had any time to think about Tool Talk but I should be doing some episodes again late fall or winter.

I still haven’t tried THE SLAYER! shame on me.