Spider droppings

I went and looked at a hospital today the sills on the outside were covered in spider droppings. The sills are aluminum and they were black from this. I am writing up a quote and am adding a pretty large price if the customer wants them to be hand scrubbed to totally remove the droppings. I am planning on wfp everything and wrote the quote stating I would brush and rinse the frames and this would remove a lot of the droppings but not all of them if than want all of them gone I need more money. Is this something I should do or give the price including the extra charge and make them look like new?

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Oh man, what kind of spiders do you guys have over there? I didn’t know spiders left droppings per se. I’d probably charge extra because I’d want to have some napalm or something in case I have to kill something with fire.

But just to be safe, here’s a spider identification chart.

reminds me of when i used to frequent the underground spider fighting scene, down in Juarez back in the 80’s. federale’s got wind of it, and shut it down on account of it gave them the willies. good times.

all kidding aside though, if it were me- i would probably add a line item in the quote for hand cleaning of the sills and frames. and just be specific about the different results they can expect from wfp only vs. hand scrubbing -ie. “i anticipate 70%-80% improvement in appearance with our standard cleaning method. for 95%-100% improvement, line item B will be necessary”- something like that.


Thank you

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