Spider Spray

We do a little bit of spider-control and normally use a weed sprayer to distribute the spray off the ropes or a soap dispenser when trying to use a pressure cleaner.

Is there a device that people have used that will disperse the chemical from the ground. Kind of like a WFP for insect spray?

We use delta-methrin which has residual qualities and is derived from plants.

-Matt from Melbourne

Last year we have a local company that received a $8,000 fine for applying spider spray without a license.


That’s the beauty of delta-methrin. It is the exact same chemical used by commercial pest-controllers but you do not require a license to use it! Not in Australia, anyway.

Im surprised, austrailia is tough on most everything

Mate you seem to be once again miss informed, it really doesn’t matter what chemical you are using unless you are using it on your own property when running a business charging customers and using any pesticides in public without the required training and licensing is prohibited.


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Hi Steve.

I think you might find that yes you can as delta-methrin is no longer on the list of prohibited substances. It is the secret that pest-controllers don’t want you to know. Maybe you have been misinformed? :slight_smile:

Did you even read the link?

Were you told by a friend of your sisters boyfriends cousin that is was ok?

Its not about the particular product you use to remove the pests, its about the application, storage and safety of the products if you have a business that offers pests control even if you use chemicals you can purchase from woolies then you are breaking the law if you do so without completing the required course’s.

Honestly it has been this way in Australia since when I started back in 94, I bought a carpet cleaning business a few years ago( got rid of since) the guy also offered pest control he was not licensed he claimed if he bought the Mortien stuff from woolies that you spray outdoors it was ok, then he gave me a wink, he knew it wasn’t but was only doing the occasional residential job ad not advertising he did it, so he was never caught. doing high rise stuff in a city its just a matter of time.

I would suggest you read the link as it is for Victoria as that is where you live right?
I live in Queensland but its the same across the country

The PHW Act requires that anyone who uses pesticides, or permits another person to use pesticides in the course of a business of a pest control operator in Victoria, must hold a valid licence unless the pesticide is being used for the purpose of:

(a) horticulture**; or

(b) agriculture*; or

© water treatment; or

(d) weed control; or

(e) controlling a pest animal to protect an area or place that is not:

a building used for commercial purposes; or
domestic premises or privately owned land adjacent to a domestic premises.

A person who carries on a business or offers a service for fee or reward that involves the use of pesticides for any activity identified in categories (a)–(e) may require a commercial operator licence issued by DEDJTR.

So not only do you need at least 1 license you may require additional licenses

Ask a pest-controller pal, that’s all I am saying. You may find that approximately 18-24 months ago there were some changes. Meanwhile, I will continue to do what I do without fear of repercussions.

Whatever keep on living in your ignorant bubble.

I linked you the current LEGISLATION!

I’m sure in this day and age they are going to throw out the whole book after 50+ years writing the book on safety and Australia is the most anal country in regards to safety.

I was attempting to help you so you don’t get in the shit, you realize that you can be criminally prosecuted if caught.

Ok turbo. Thanks for your concern. You may want to google non-restricted pesticide.

tbh the burden isn’t for me to search for proof it is for you so far everything you have said has ZERO links or facts behind it it all is hearsay I have linked what the industry standards are if you still think your right so be it, but you don’t get to call me wrong without proving your point as I have done.

For what it is worth, I have the three ticks for safety, quality and environment- one of only a handful in Australia. Part of this is keeping abreast of legislation, standards and relevant codes. We are audited every year in order to maintain iso 4801, 9001 and 14001.

We regularly apply non-restricted pesticide as do most of our competitors and have done since delta-methrin was taken off the list. The devil is in the detail, it always is.

Your concern is appreciated.