Spider spray

Hey guys,

I did a quick search but did not find much. I notice a couple window cleaning companies in my area who offer spider spray. Any one here have it as an add on? Curious to know what is involved and everything else!

I’m intrigued. This only thing maybe in your state you have to be certified for pesticides.


in CA you have to have an opporators liscence which is A LOT of work to get and there are really strict guidelines

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yep my state i can legally purchase same chems the actual pros do and use them on my home and family but i cant sell the service. for this licensing is required and to get licensed it requires two yrs documented with a company.


That industry is heavily regulated in most states. Check your state website.

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Oh wow. Lot more to it, I see. I’ll keep this add on in the closet for now.

Thanks for the quick input guys!

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Are you based in Canada or the states?


Same here. I believe the laws are different, and not as much required as stated above.

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Interesting. Will have to look into it.

Thinking about also offering spider spray. It’s pretty big here in Canada by the waters. Does anyone have a brand they like? How do you go about charging?

lots of regulations here in canada too for any kind of pesticide.

That’s what I figure. I don’t know how the competition is offering it legally

Maybe they’re a struggling insect control company offering window cleaning to stay afloat? :joy: