Sponsor Sports teams

Do any of you sponsor sports teams? I have been asked to sponsor a ladies baseball team. My cost: approx $300 for shirts only…the team name and my biz name and number and logo.

Funny you bring this up. I received this big packet of info from a local race car driver looking for sponsorship. It was a very nice packet, but I dont believe my target demographic is sitting at theses races.

How many games does this team have?

Do you think your target demographic plays in this league or will attend the games?

Man, $300 could buy you thousands of fliers that you could distribute to your target market.

I sponsored my daughter’s soccer team. There is something bizarre about a bunch of 10 year old girls running around with my company name on them…
My target demograghic is their parents, of course. I got about 2/3 of the price back in work.
I will likely keep doing this as I have 4 kids, all of whom will be playing soccer for the next several years.

That is the key right there. Along with how big and readable your company info be.

Do they care at a game?

It does get you involved with something that is community based. I would make sure to be at all the games in my shirt with cards doing a lot of schmoozing.

its for a womans baseball team. and most would be in my target market. They will play many games in a women league, I’m kinda tossing the idea around, as all it will take is one job to get my money back.

So you are targeting the women on the team?

The way im looking at it is its a womens league and this team will be in the company of women on the field. There are a couple on the particular team that would fit me target but i know of many on other teams that are in target and there hubby’s are too and they may be at the games too. Im just tossing the idea around they dont need anything till end of May.

I am glad to see you looking for opportunities. Sometimes we become complacent with our business.

I think we all should give our opportunity muscles a good workout everyday.

Chris, are you saying that a 350lb man in a cut off flannel shirt drinking cheap beer yelling “Get er Done” isn’t your target market? lol

I just signed up for a 2 little leagues, one girls softball and a boys basball team. We shall see how it works out. I figure the parents are the ones I want and lets face it action at little league games are well slow going. The deal I got was name, number and small logo on the shirts, and a 3’x5’ sign of my biz card on the back wall of each field for $400 each team. I hope it all works out.

I have sponsored some basketball tournaments and never received anything from it, so I stopped. I went to all the trouble to print up fliers with a special offer to tournament attenders etc… I’m not saying it doesn’t work, just hasn’t for me so far.

Here is what I feel about this; I do not think any jobs will come from the event itself. What will be there is networking ability and relationship bridging.

The more “who you knows” we have the more opportunities we have. To go to the game and not meet new people will result in wasted money. It is much like joining the Chamber of Commerce and not attending and networking at the events.

Being put in their little book is worthless, much the same as a patch on a uniform. No one will remember the patch, but they may remember the discussion.

[B]Why not find out when their games are, and go. Wear your shirt too. Pay some kids a nickel a piece to pass out the flyers on the windshileds of the cars in the parking lot. This way you get maximum exposure. Someone see you in your shirt, someone sees the ladies in your uniform shirts, and they all get a flyer on their car to remember the experience by when they leave.

I bet you’d get more than your money back on that.

Just my $0.02[/B]

oh the work van will be at all the games and ill be there too. my new gf will be on the team too si i have more reasons to go. Plus my son will love watching the games.

I have one word for you, then:

Sweetness. Go for it. Great idea. I would create a special promo or two for them, too.