Spray gun for WF hose?

I’d like to be able to DI rinse off a window right after a housewash, is there a spray gun that fits the waterfed hose?

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If its just DI, run it thru your pressure washer?
I mean otherwise your question is a little odd, I mean if your running a DI tank its not a spray gun to fit a waterfed hose that you need… Just attach a hose and spray gun to your DI tank.

Do I need to tell you why that’s a silly idea?

Don’t do that

I use a y splitter to switch between my pw and WFP, simple.

Right, but without the WFP. Just need a sprayer to rinse the window. I’ll be using a supply hose splitter to feed the DI tank and run the skinny orange hose out the side of the trailer.

Guess I could detach the brush head, kinda awkward.

On a side note is there a hose pincher like you see on a hospital IV to shut off the water?

No, you will still need to scrub. Either do it right or don’t sell window cleaning.
Plenty of pressure washing guys don’t offer window cleaning for good reason


I’m not cleaning the window, I’m doing a spot free rinse. We have hard water here.

Dan you clearly don’t know my WC experience, you’re preaching to the choir.

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why not?

I like the univalve for that purpose

If I wanted to just do a spot free rinse, I would probably just use my WFP anyway, would help with high windows too. But I have a Gardiner rinse bar which would work well for what you want to do. However, I did see a waterfed sprayer attachment somewhere…

Water Fed Pole Softwash Nozzle (softwashing.uk)

Would this work?

The pure water will be made impure the second it runs through the pump and through your hose, gun and JRod. Not worth the effort.

The easiest thing to do is WFP the windows when done power washing.
Don’t know why anyone wants to short cut the short cut.
Got to agree with you this time Dan.

Wooo did I say Power washing. Whoops. Soft washing


I could see a use for this on the wash side, possibly…had a housewash recently that had a hard well, and dark siding. We were going to go back and DI rinse once we figured out the issue (with some help over in the PW forum), but the customer told us not to spend the time since he agreed it was probably his well…a gun would be more handy, and fit my guys’ skillset better, than doing the whole house with a WFP…