Spring Expo/Trade Shows

Question for anyone who has done expos or trade shows. What marketing has worked best for you and what methods would you stray away from? The only thing I have for a giveaway is a brand new iPad mini. I was thinking of something along the line of having a sign up sheet that permits me to offer them an estimate on window cleaning/power washing to in turn be entered to win the iPad. Let me know your thoughts.

I’d give away free service. Have everyone put their name, same contract info pin aslip and into a hat and hold the drawing at the end. You won’t be giving away anything really but time and effort that way. Plus you will have a bucket of leads to boot. I spent twenty five dollars at a retirement community’s little open house they put on to sell mobile homes in the park. I paid three bucks for a bunch of drawing slips at a copy shop, they provided a conference table and I sat and talked to all these folks about there Windows. At the end drew a name and cleaned all the Window on the outside of her trailer for free. Its only been two weeks, but I’ve had one other call and made the table rent + back from that. Both folks were impressed with my work, and they both knew each other and played cards at the clubhouse together. I’m pretty sure I know what the one winner talked about that first time they met up. Next job out of there is pure profit and trailers are easy.

I’ve talked to some pretty smart, very successful guys who do multiple trade shows each year and they do it as a brand building strategy. The roi in terms of actual work generated seems to be “break even”.

I do about 4 shows a year mostly for my retractable screen part of my business but I also have window cleaning literature too. Its really good for me

Very nice. I have a few more ideas in mind after reading some old 2011 and 2012 posts. ROI is a given for mine, as I have a free table through our Chamber of Commerce I’m subscribed to. Because we bought into the highest tier, we get a free table for both the Spring and the Fall expo in one of the hottest shopping malls in town. Plus our booth is a check in point for the Relay for Life event going on at the same time.

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