Sprong (Europe) Ltd

When considering use of 12V DC pump delivery and or booster pump systems a Pump controller is great addition. The controller will provide variable flow control, reduce pump battery draw while giving the same flow. Reduce wear on the pump and battery in doing so extend the life of these.


Spring (Europe) offers a broad range of advanced 12V pump controllers developed for the pure water fed pole (WFP) window cleaning industry. As part of the natural development cycle, we are also now looking at providing 24V DC and an exciting range of 220-240V AC pump controllers.

We have been developing controllers for use within pure water cleaning and pump delivery water fed pole systems since 2004. As such we have an unrivalled experience and knowledge of the field. All our controllers are designed, manufactured and tested in the UK. We fully support our existing range whilst continuing to research and innovate.

Our controllers work well with all types of hose, brush and pole, and the Aquadapter, Aquatap and pole taps. All have the following standard user functions and features:

Pump speed control
Battery management
Pressure switch detection
Flow shut off detection (Dead End)
Micro DE retest without pressure build up in the system
Reverse polarity protection
High current protection
Volt drop compensation
Low battery cut off and override
Easy to use three button interface
Auto adjusts pump speed to match flow no matter what height
12 month manufacturer warranty

In addition, controllers are available that provide:

TDS measurement and control
Hot water measurement and control
Frost protection
Tank filling
RF radio remote
Split relay battery charging

In partnership with various distributors in the UK, Europe and the US, we have also developed bespoke solutions including multi function, multi pump, dosing and timer controllers. Please take a look at the full range of controllers see www.springltd.co or see the following video link Spring (Europe) Ltd - V11 Pump Controller Range - YouTube