Sqeegee Swirl?

Hey I’m still new to the window cleaning business and have heard lately about a sqeegee swirl technique? Have you guys heard of it? Do you use it? Thanks for helping a newbie out!!

This method is called swirling, fanning, Z method, etc. Their are several good videos posted here that will show you the technique. Yes I would say most window cleaners are using it as it is the fastest method and leaves little to detail.

//youtu.be/Fanning Residential Windows - YouTube

//youtu.be/Fanning Commercial Windows - YouTube


Speaking of swirls! I showed my cleaners how to do the scrubber and squeegee method at the same time swirling in circles and stuff like on Robinson & Solutions blogsite. I cleaned the window as fast as I could and my employees just laughed at me.

Laughed because you were funny or because you are expecting them to be as fast as you?:wink:

I guess I looked stupid or spastic. :slight_smile:

You might want to check out YouTube they have some crazy window cleaners. LOL

Here’s a few for you to watch.

I hate how the “Expert” Village guy perpetuates the myth of scrapers scratching glass. Some “expert”.
The others were great.

Some people can swirl and then others can really swirl. Enjoy


[COLOR=black][FONT=Verdana]On[/FONT][/COLOR][COLOR=black][FONT=Verdana] a more serious note here’s Jim Willingham winning the IWCA convention speed competition a couple years back.[/FONT][/COLOR]


Was that a first time cleaning or maintenance cleaning ? :eek:

Hey guys,
When I post a link to a video it never has a YouTube picture, like you have here Chris, just the link address. How do you do that?:confused:

Hey Mike,

When you want to post a video simply look right above where you are typing for a small youtube icon. click that and then put the url of the video in between the two youtube brackets.
//youtu.be/ video link here

That was fast. Thanks Alex.


the “pro” looks slow as crap!

It’s a marketing video. :stuck_out_tongue:

Interesting to read the different terminology. :slight_smile:
We call that “snaking” here.

It’s funny to watch that guy in the red, doing 14 passes on one window.
I mean, it looks cool, I guess… but it’s much cooler to be done after 2 swipes, and collecting the money.

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Swirl, super swirl, fanning, snaking, rainbow, S-method, Z-method, X-method, wagtailing, and my favorite, the oompa loompa. Most of these are just a variation of the same principles.


Good for you Kenny! The first step is admitting you have a problem.:smiley: