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Not trying to start any trouble, and nothing to do with Mike personally, but beat ANY price by 10%, like that, blindly, isn’t lowballing ? Again, just asking, not attacking nor questioning methods.

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Do you want to be someone who has a happy clientel because of who you are and the quality of your work, or because you’re the cheapest? Do you really want to be the Dollar Store of window cleaning?

It’s funny, because rarely does a “biz download” gather so much attention… I think it’s a decent add… And did ya think: maybe this ad is marketed to an area that is already priced pretty fair?

I don’t know who is your projected audience for this flier but you have to be careful to give the right picture to the right people. I think you should focus more on the benefits than logo and list of stuff that you do, customer can care less about that to be honest.
for the customer you can be called “lksdjfgkjhasdjkhsd” and they dont really give two craps about the logo either. Just think why is something worth picking up and looking at?
people go through so much advertising and most of it is so bad that the customer doesnt even look at it just dumps it right in the trash. List the benefits. Catchy phrase is the key too. you want to show what you stand for. you can sell cheap window cleaning, quality window cleaning, being on time, fast scheduling, quick work, being friendly and caring, you dont have to sell washing windows. and dont list all of them nither focus on your main thing. you can sell longevity of a window for some people will work, but mainly you want to focus on as many people as possible, you can never reach everybody and make everybody happy with your ad but you can satisfy the audience that maybe hasnt been reached yet but it makes up for a big number of possible customers. maybe couples that just got married, maybe people looking for a home, maybe people who take care of their parents and like that they have clean windows. hopefully at least half of that makes sense. good luck

yea I think I threw Chris a standard form from my archives to take a peek at the “downloads” section.

keep in mind folks this guy may not want your critic.

lol, you hit the nail on the head! I know Mike- and his prices are high like mine. Its probably an old flyer.

I think the ad is ok, but I would concentrate more on what benefits the customer will get from your service and less on technology and lowest price. I do think that logo is important for recognition and I like your logo. I think is should be more subtle in the placement though.