Squeege rubber won't stay put!

Hello all! I bought two new Ettore squeegees - 18" and 12" - and both of them aren’t holding the rubber in place. I tried using less pressure but still no luck. Any suggestions?


That’s odd ! What type of clips are ya using ?

Got clips??

Matthew, Thanks for your speedy reply. First a correction: my blades are Unger not Ettore. Regarding clips, I don’t have any and didn’t even know about them. Will they fit on Unger squeegees? Also, should there be any rubber extending out and unsecured?

I use Unger too - if the channel clamp of the squeegee handle is positioned so the two teeth bite into the rubber in the channel then clips aren’t required.

I assume the handle and channel are both Unger.

Ettore handles do not have teeth. They prefer using clips.

Fester, Does the rubber extend out from the channel on each side. Mine does for about ½” and I wonder if it’s catching on the wood?


I call that the lip - I use 4mm of lip each side.

Thanks Fester, I’ll shorten mine up.