Squeegee edge cutting tool?

I remember years ago I saw a product that you would put a used blade into, pull it through, and a small razor would shave the first 1/32" or so of a rubber off and give you a new aquare edge, effectively allowing you to reuse blades 3 or 4 times before they were really worn out. Has anyone used one of these? Anyone remember who made it or if they still sell it? Is it worth the hassle?

I believe it’s a Sorbo product. If I remember correctly, it’s about $300 or so. Might be worth it if you have employees and going through rubber fast. Not for most solo operators. Not too many suppliers have it, but I saw a few months back from someone. Don’t remember which supplier. Sorry.

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Seem to remember it was the Docket, and the guy I worked for said it was junk. That was 20 years ago however.


Thanks guys. I guess I remember it being way less expensive. Oh well, I’ll just keep buying rubber. Lol

You could use reuse rubber from big squeegees by cutting off the ends and using on smaller squeegee channels. Or experiment with other types of squeegee rubber to see which last longer. Sorbo has a natural rubber that is pretty good, but a little pricey. Black diamond has great value rubber. I’m trying out the facelift red rubber. It’s supposed to last longer than any other rubber. Wcr sells it, but it’s unreasonably priced.

People seem to really like Ettore, but I found it too soft. I use to use solely the sorbo bulk rubber which is a synthetic rubber. It lasts only a couple days at most.

How is the red rubber? I’ve been trying to buy it for for awhile

Here is the red rubber Window Cleaning Squeegee Replacement Rubber - BlackDiamond and more – WindowCleaner.com

It’s not junk at all amd well worth the money for either a solo operator or employee outfit if you use sorbo squeegees on a regular basis. When you consider that an 18 inch sorbo blade costs $3.64 and a 26 inch blade costs $6.70 and cleaning the exterior of a commercial window you make $2.00-5.00 and a residential window $6.00-$8.00 and compare the time it takes to either clean the window or put the blade in the docket and run a razor across it then it becomes clear that is I snt trash or a waste of time. It may not be what someone wants to do but it makes sense monetarily.

Yes it’s expensive as compared to a pack of new rubber but when you consider the cost of a pack of 12, 26 inch rubber at $80.00, and you figure that the docket will turn that one pack of rubber into a total of 12 packs of rubber and will save you $960.00 it doesn’t seem like it’s too expensive.

I use 26 inch rubber frequently. I use to have the docket and somewhere along the last 21 years I have no idea what happen to it. I wish I would have kept it. Some guys think it’s junk because they don’t follow the directions. The cur has to be precise so you have to follow the directions. You have to use a new spot on the runnder every cut for it to work properly and have to start the cur right. As long as you do that it works perfect.

FYI you can also cut down standard rubber like Ettore also. A single cut only shows off a lot bit of the rubber and you can get a few cuts on a standard rubber before it won’t work in the channel anymore. I know because I use to cut standard rubber with it also.

It works best when you just throw your old rubber into a container or bag and cut then all down at the end of the week or month at one time, on a rain day. If you cut down 20, 18 inch squeegee rubbers, in one hour your making $75.00 an hour cutting rubber.

Makes more sense when you put it into perspective.

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