Squeegee for french window

Hey everybody I want to invest in a squeegee for french window. Can anyone let me know which is best…? Thank you

I use sorbo or ettore

I use a sorbo or I have a few random channels that have been cut down to fit

You can’t go wrong with a sorbo.i would use the sorbo.

I would recommend whatever channel / handle combination you already use and like, and then cut a channel down to whatever width you need to allow a one pass straight pull.

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There is no right answer to this question. Certain squeegees are better for residential and others are better for commercial accounts. Some feel better in your hand than others do. It is very subjective.

I would suggest starting with the most popular squeegees, Unger or Ettore. Get used to the one you buy. Then buy another brand and try that after you make some money.

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Here are a couple options:

I’m a fan of finding whichever narrow-body aluminum channels are the cheapest, buying a bunch of them in 18” or larger, and cutting them down as needed for different sized panes.

Or you could spend an hour or two with a metal cutoff saw and cut them in 1/4” increments. You can adjust how much rubber is sticking out of the channel to account for differences smaller than 1/4”.

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“Best” is based solely on how well your customer believes it’s worth paying for. In short, it takes practice to do it right; regardless of the cost of the squeeze (within reason) Like the others said, buy something in the affordable professional market. Start at Home Depot if you don’t know what to choose. We all trained our eyes to find blemishes especially on Frenchies. It’s a skill ya gotta practice yourself :v:t4:

Another fan of the sorbo here

I use the Ettore brass, the handle has a pinched part and feels more comfortable.

I just did a 3-story home full of french windows. Tried my 6" Ninja, but didn’t like it. Switched to my 5" Sorbo QS. Finished 441 panes inside and out in 5-1/2 hours.