Squeegee Free Window Cleaning

Ran across this ad today. Noticed that they are offering window cleaning the “old fashioned way” no squeegees.

Question 1. What other way are they talking about? Rags?

Question 2. What kind of a selling point is that? Do people have a negative view of squeegees in New Jersey?

They’re in my service area, and I’ve never heard of them. Maybe thats why Basking Ridge / Bernardsville has been quite kind to me this year lol.

My buddy Steve runs a salon up there, and he was telling me about an 80 year old-ish guy who’s been doing storefrontsin the are since the Civil War with a wooden pole and rags. Maybe its the same guy?

I don’t understand how pushing the whole “no squeegee” aspect could be of any benefit to his marketing campaign.

But then again, my whole business philosophy is to pretty much ignore what the other guy is doing and worry about my own biz. Saves a lot of stress lol

Old fashioned way no squeegees… they must take the windows out back and clean them with ammonia and newspapers lol.

I could agree with mike about ammonia n newspaper that is old fashion haha it aslo translates to 10mpw(minuts per window).

I think, in my professional opinion, that Mr. Matt Damon has squeegee free window cleaning figured out… please refer to example a

I think Matt knew a guy that didn’t use soap, we have a guy in our area who still uses rags. He and our company founder trained with the same guy. I think he may still have some of the old cotton rags the boss gave him when we went to hucks, eight years ago. I’m pretty sure he uses the Unger pill in a bucket of water.

We clean windows the old fashioned way too…so clean you can’t even see them.

Here’s how:

  1. Find a nice sized stone or a cement brick will do fine.
  2. Throw the object through the glass.
  3. Collect payment.

What about detailing the edges?

Metal pipe or Baseball bat and a shop vac

That guys in my service area, they call it “ragging it” and they just kinda polish it out… I actually thought it was gonna be advertising WFP work when I read the headline…

According to George’s Window Cleaning - Basking Ridge, New Jersey (NJ) | Company Profile he’s been in biz for 13 years.

Very ritzy area by the looks of it. If true, he must make a good living.

In my home, I also clean windows the old fashioned way.

The wife does them!


Before the invention of the squeegee by Ettore Stecone. The method used to clean windows was two chamois. One to clean with and one to dry. The would rinse them out in a bucket.

YouTube - Reach & Wash Window Cleaning

NYC exurbs… it is quite nice, million dollar homes everywhere. My typical home in that whole county / area is about $300 - $500. He probably did make a good living with the rags, probably took him forever to complete these jobs too though

You sure its not this guy?

Not to put to fine a point on it but, Ettore invented the modern squeegee to replace the old Chicago style squeegee which had been around for some time before Ettore’s 1930’s version.

I think it’s fascinating.

He could probably really carve up a larger niche if he would “educate” his target market more on why his old fashioned method is so awesome. Definitely different.

I think it would have significant marketing potential.